Building violations/Business Licenses

Business Licenses

Taking a picture of business’ signs, along with its location allows to monitor any irregularities.

Inspection and sanitary care of institutions and in the public space.

Building violations

Documentation of construction area along with location indication, allows discovering building violations.

Report on building violations or illegal construction, performed by an inspector or a resident, without having to make contact with the property owner. Documentation on the map allows to identify the Lot number, land ownership and associated rights .


• Each report sent to the system will be available immediately for viewing and further processing.

• Reliability: you can complete the report in 15 seconds and move on, while reducing the risk of
conflict with the property owner.

• Better control the work of the building inspectors in the fielsd .

• Concrete evidence.

• A " user friendly " operation - data entry process involves very few keystrokes .

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