About Us

GeoView employees are experienced working in the collection and processing of geographic information since 2000.

Our offices are located in Karmiel and we perform our work throughout the State of Israel.

The company has made a large number of projects ranging from spatial planning at national level

• Nature and National Parks Authority

Jewish National Fund (KKL)

• Israeli Tourism company (HM”T)

• Ministry of Housing

• Ecological surveys

  • Golan Heights Water Association

Infrastructure projects to communities and organizations

• GIS application in organization and management level.

• Surveys of underground infrastructure using advanced instrumentation.

• Solutions for command & control and field reporting.

Our location-based solutions are unique and are based on special infrastructure that we have developed allow us flexibility and adaptability to any customer. The solution can allow the use of any number of people ranging from one person collecting data for his own use, up to an enterprise-level for command and control.

Our advantages:

• We are engineers who work in the field; we understand the needs of customers and can optimize the work and thus reduce expenses and increase productivity.

  • Our ability to offer a comprehensive solution will save the organization future needs for integration between different systems, different platforms.
  • Our platform works according to internationally accepted standards in the GIS world and in the world of software development, hence the ability to support organizations of one or hundreds of people , the ability to grow with the organization effectively, connecting with any existing system in both directions, and the ability to accurately customize the service to each customer.
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